Introducing ‘Building a Living Legacy’ our new sustainability strategy to take Telford Homes into the 2020’s

Building a Living Legacy

The sustainability section of this year’s annual report is split into two sections, our strategy and our performance. First we introduce ‘Building a Living Legacy’, our new sustainability strategy. The subsequent performance section on pages 38 to 41 sets out how we have managed health and safety and environmental risks in the year and highlights our most significant achievements.

Our Strategy

‘Building a Living Legacy’ is our strategy to create places that will stand the test of time by making a positive longterm contribution to London’s built environment. Economic, social and environmental sustainability are central to this ambition enabling us to create thriving attractive places that support a healthy environment for the future while generating value for all stakeholders. ‘Building a Living Legacy’ is aligned with our business strategy and has been designed to ensure that Telford Homes moves towards the forefront of the industry on sustainability over the coming years.

In January 2016 we initiated a collaborative process to identify key sustainability risks and opportunities that arise from our operations. To do this we engaged with our employees and our development partners to identify which sustainability issues they consider to be most important for Telford Homes. In addition, we reviewed the approaches taken by our peers and assessed legislative risks associated with sustainability in order to prioritise those issues that are most material to our business. These issues were then grouped under four focus areas and long-term objectives were identified for each.

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