Astrit - Project Manager

The construction industry is an amazing industry to be involved with. It's a very nice mix of all sorts of trades, skills and professions.

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It's the first time I've ever woken up in the morning and wanted to come into work. I'm excited to start the new day and see what happens.

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Daniel - Assistant Quantity Surveyor

I was very fortunate to get an interview and it's been a great opportunity. I believe I've grasped it with both hands.  Everyone is very driven and that's a good thing.

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Dean - Senior Site Manager

I started as a finishing foremen, the first level of construction management at Telford Homes. I'm now a Senior Site Manager in the space of eight years. It's a fantastic place to work!

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Jonathan - construction trainee

I enjoy coming into work. As a person I need everyday to be different otherwise I know that I will get bored. That is what my role offers.

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Kayleigh - assistant site manager

As a woman I feel respected and quite empowered to get on with my daily tasks, to liaise and communicate with people, to get the job done.

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TAYLOR - surveyor

With Telford Homes it's all about balance. What you give to the Company is what you get back.

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