The construction industry is this amazing industry to be involved with. So, it's got all in there - management, commercial and technical. It's a very nice mix of all sorts of trades and skills. It's a lot of guys who have started as a trainee or as an assistant site manager and they progressed up to construction manager. So, the progression is there, the opportunities are there. 

To stay with the same company for a long time, it must be doing something right. It's something that you don't see very often in our industry. When I joined Telford Homes, I didn't have any children now I have four. So, you know, it has worked for me in that sense! (laughs). 

Telford Homes has a very good training scheme. Every development is very different, very unique. We're building residential buildings, high rise, medium rise. We're building schools, very challenging logistics. So, in term of technicalities, it's a very exciting company to be in. We are quite a friendly environment so I feel free to talk to people about any issues I have. 

If you honestly show that passion and commitment you get the opportunity. When you see the end product and how sharp the building looks, even after five or six years and being used by the community or the residents, it's a very nice feeling. I'm proud to take my colleagues who have joined the company, to show them around two or three projects virtually showing off the previous jobs! (laughs).

Project Manager

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