After college I wasn't really sure what I was going to do. I was very fortunate to get an interview and it's been a great opportunity and I've grasped it with both hands really and everyone is very driven, that's a good thing.

You get put with mentors. You won't ever be afraid to approach a director at any time, the doors always open. We're very lucky to have the management structure we do, because they've been there, they've done that and everyone is so willing to help. From the management all the way down to the trainees, there's a direct line of contact. They'll know where you're at, they'll know what you're driving towards and there will always be people there to try and help you progress. The way we're expanding, there's a lot of opportunity and it's good to see that they're looking actually at the people within the business, and not just outside.

I've got friends at work, that's what I consider them. I don't consider them colleagues, we're lucky, we've got this sort of nicebreak-out space as well that we can come and get away from our work for a bit, to give people a place to come at lunch. Get away from your desk, come and talk to people from the different departments. Just get to know people, we've got the pool table, play a bit of FIFA on the PS4 with people. If you need to make a couple of calls, if you need somewhere to really focus for an afternoon, there's even pods that you can just get away to, so it's a really good idea.

Everyone knows there's a housing shortage in London. We're coming to work to build a product but you don't realise the kick-on effects it has. Once you finish a building, it's just pride at the end of the day. You're looking at a finished product that someone now gets to move into and call their home.

Assistant Quantity Surveyor

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