I left school at sixteen. My football manager was a plasterer and that was it. I went to work on building sites. I was there for the best part of ten years until I got an opportunity with Telford Homes. But there's fantastic scope to grow within the company. I started as a finishing foremen, the first level of management at Telford Homes. I'm now a senior site manager in the space of eight years. It's a fantastic place to work.

And even your training needs, whatever you need to grow as a person and within your job role, Telford's will support you all the way with that. We have our regular appraisals and certainly I'm looking to climb as high as I possibly can. Project Manager for me next - taking my own site as the number one and that's something I really look forward to.

Mental health is becoming obviously a big issue through society, not just in building. Telford's run a week-long event, everybody was encouraged to take part, go to head office and you were asked if you wanted to do the training. And it means that people were encouraged to talk, people were encouraged to come to you and speak to you and you can talk about problems.

Customer satisfaction that gets fed back down to the teams to make you feel proud about what you're doing. We're turning up every day, we're building houses two or three years time we can go back there as we often do and look around again and see that people are so happy there. In my last scheme, I had some emails from the residents saying, "Thanks for the great job we've done." You know, it's fantastic. I love getting out bed, I love coming to work. You know, we're providing the homes that people want to live in. I alway tell my guys that, you know treat every flat you're building as your own house, as your own apartment. That's why Telford Homes are so successful as a company because a lot of the managers feel that way. It's such a happy place!

Senior Site Manager

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