I enjoy coming into work. Me as a person, I need every day to be different otherwise I know that I will get bored. That is what my role offers. I'm twenty-six years old now, so I started at Telford Homes three years ago. Before here, I worked out in Australia as a commercial diver within the pearling industry. I thought how could I apply my skills which I picked up along the way pursuing my next career. And Telford Homes being one of the top developers in London, I'd had other job offers and this was the company that I wanted to work for. I actually thought that I was the most under-qualified person in the room which says a lot about what they're looking for in people.

It's not all academia, they want a personality which I think I have, hopefully! What's great about Telford Homes is how senior management carry themselves. The fact that the chief exec and the MD and the chairman will walk onto your site and remember your name and have a conversation with you speaks volumes. If you go and work for Tom, Dick and Harry down the road, that simply won't happen. Telford Homes is a very happy place to work. Everyone around you is almost on the same wavelength. And if someone is having a bad day, people do something about it. So, that's the sort of environment people are entering into. Not just a company that wants you to do a job, but a company that cares about your welfare. So, I've become assistant site manager, hopefully in September. And, then onto a site manager's role and then senior site manager, construction manager, senior construction manager, director, you know - MD! (looks to camera).

Construction Trainee

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