"Ahh, what unit was it again? GO8? 10, oh okay. I'll call Mihai. Thank you.”

I was in my late twenties and I was working for a Local Authority with young people. I went to do a Higher National Certificate in construction which was one day per week for two years. With my previous developer I was a trainee site manager for four years. There are a number of companies I was considering joining. Telford stood out to me as it was on the list of the top fifty employers within the construction industry. I looked at their benefits and I realised that it was a great opportunity for me and for my career. I've been with Telford now for nine months. It's been a really great transition into the company. What I particularly enjoy is the team ethos, is the team spirit. As a woman I feel respected and quite empowered to get on with my daily tasks, to liaise and communicate with people, to get the job done. The experience that I had elsewhere, you can get lost in those large corporations. You almost feel like a number. Whereas at Telford Homes, it's really positive, everyone feels really comfortable.

Kayleigh: "Ready for decoration." Basically.

Foreman: "Okay, that's spot on, that sounds really good."

I feel as though I'm acknowledged for my input to the project and that's really nice. The end product is obviously the most exciting thing. It's nice to come to a show home and see it dressed and what you can achieve at the end of a project and it's nice to see that we've got a mark on the London skyline. It gives you a sense of pride definitely. It's a company that I definitely intend to stay with long term. So site management, and possibly project management longer term is on the horizon for me. I don't see it as something that I can't achieve. So.

Interviewer: And beyond that?

Kayleigh: Retire in the Bahamas?!

Assistant Site Manager

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