Telford Homes Plc is an AIM listed developer of residential-led, mixed use sites across London. Telford Homes Plc and all its subsidiaries are based in the UK and are UK residents for tax purposes.

This strategy applies to Telford Homes Plc and to all its Group Companies (“the Group”).

The Group regards this policy as complying with its duty under Schedule 19 paragraph 16 of the Finance Act 2016.

Tax risk management

The Board of Telford Homes Plc places a high level of importance on all of its statutory obligations and is committed to ensuring the Group maintains proper controls and procedures to ensure all tax obligations are fully complied with. The Group’s strategy is focused on ensuring all taxes are paid in full and on time.

Our attitude towards tax planning

The Group undertakes tax planning as part of our overall business strategy and has a number of levels of review to ensure tax risk is well managed within the Group. The Board has overall responsibility for setting the Group’s tax strategy. The Board member with executive responsibility is the Group Financial Director who is also the Group’s Senior Accounting Officer.

Day to day management of the Group’s tax is overseen by the Group’s Head of Finance who leads the Group’s team of qualified professionals. Where the Group deems it appropriate it will enlist the specialist skills of professional advisers to advice in more complex tax areas.

The level of tax risk we are prepared to accept

The Group has a low level of appetite towards risk, with compliance with tax legislation key to managing our tax risk. The Group is committed to maximising shareholder value and will seek to utilise all statutory tax reliefs and allowances available while ensuring all tax obligations are met in full and the Group’s desired risk profile is maintained.

Our approach to dealings with HMRC

The Group has an open and transparent approach to its relationship with HMRC which is adopted when entering into any correspondence.