In 2012, Telford Homes entered into a subject to planning contract with Frampton Park Baptist Church, to redevelop their site. The site comprised a 1950’s post war church which no longer met their requirements.

Matthew Lloyd Architects had been working with the church to develop their plans and invited us to review the proposals to improve the deliverability and viability of the scheme.   We subsequently led the planning and design process increasing the capacity of the site by 50% from the original feasibility, and improving efficiencies in the building design to improve the viability and construction programme. 

In July 2013, LB Hackney granted planning permission for 47 homes and a new 11,130 sq.ft church and community facility.  The scheme comprises a series of residential cores and a standalone three storey church and community facility clustered around a communal garden. 

We all know there’s a housing crisis and we are going to have to look at new places to do development so infills like this amongst existing communities is clearly going to be one of those solutions. The only way I think you can have that sort of development is if you have a real commitment to quality, so having those balconies and the private amenity space, using quality materials, making sure they’ve got good access to light and that you’re preserving that access to people nearby is really important, and that is what you see here at Frampton Park.

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney

The church and community facility provides a community café at ground floor and a series of flexible spaces for meetings, crèche and worship.  The main church hall is a double height space with acoustic partitions, which flex according to the size of the congregation or use, which can include sports such as basketball and five a side football.

The sale of the 47 homes paid for the delivery of the community facility.  We agreed an overage framework with LB Hackney to capture any uplift in value once completed, a percentage of which would be shared with the local authority for the delivery of affordable housing elsewhere in the borough.  A payment of over £4 million was made to LB Hackney as a result of value uplift.

The freehold of the site remains with the Church, who receive all ground rent income from the homes, which were sold on a long leasehold. 

In 2016 the project received a Hackney Design Award and a Housing Design Award.

Telford Homes have built very nice developments around complex arrangements like providing churches and primary schools. I don’t know any other developer at the moment that’s got much of an appetite for that.

David Birkbeck, Chief Executive of Design for Homes