The landmark tower designed by SLCE Architects occupies the southern half of the former Hovis bakery site, forming the gateway to the Greystar-inspired Greenford Green neighbourhood. Its community vision and high-quality placemaking is underpinned by the heritage value of the Grand Union Canal, complemented with sensitively created new public realms and social infrastructure.

Climate change, adaptation, mitigation and resilience measures and over-heating are mitigated using CIBSE TM49 and TM52 modelling. Site-wide net-positive biodiverse green infrastructure (and landscape management plans) and sustainable urban drainage systems will help to achieve the targeted air-quality neutral standard and ameliorate the urban heat island effect.

The apartments are 10 per cent larger than the London Plan space standards. To support community cohesion, help reduce urban-loneliness and improve wellbeing, the residents have access to significant levels of internal and courtyard amenities and co-workspaces – its vision is to ‘live, work, breathe and be.’

We’re serious about making this borough an amazing place to live and are working hard to build the homes that people need. The partnership with Telford Homes brings us one step closer to delivering our target of 2,400 new homes in South Kilburn.

Amar Dave, Strategic Director Regeneration and Environment, Brent Council