We design and develop high-quality, sustainable build to rent developments that exceed the expectations of our residents and our investment partners.


Whilst this reporting period has been framed by the pandemic, with all its societal and economic impacts, the environmental outcomes have been relatively positive. However, we have a long way to go in meeting the challenges set out in the Paris Agreement 2015. While some commentators have referred to 2020 as ‘the great pause’, nonetheless we continued to embed our BLL strategy and commenced a decade of milestones in moving towards a net zero carbon position. We have achieved 93 per cent of our objectives and are progressing against the targets set out in our 2030 journey.

We were delighted to attain first place and another Gold award from NextGeneration, complemented by a Crystal award for transparency and sustainability disclosure. The benchmark criteria covered 15 key areas including strategy, governance, carbon and waste. These areas of focus are weighted based on their overall impact in terms of industry best practice and future trends. Design and placemaking currently forms the highest weighted section of the benchmark.



As a result of the pandemic, customer, community and partner aspirations have heightened in relation to how they live and their wellbeing in the home. As a result, we have engaged with third-party advisors to develop our customer offering in a build to rent world, focusing on how our customers and the wider community use and enjoy our buildings over the longer term. During 2021 we will undertake our bi-annual BLL Materiality Review with a range of stakeholders to ensure our strategy is purposeful and that we are able to achieve our goals.


Strong governance

Our Executive Committee provides oversight of our BLL strategy and our wider approach to ESG. The Telford Homes BLL Steering Committee meets every quarter to provide further governance, and to ensure our strategy and objectives are successfully implemented within an appropriate risk framework. Our CEO chairs the committee, which is made up of senior leaders from across all business functions, therefore embedding sustainability as a golden thread throughout Telford Homes.


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The Steering Committee is supported by BLL departmental champions who engage in various company forums. Our advocacy structure extends to inviting experts to our Steering Committee, to share knowledge, and to inform our thought-leadership. This approach complements the sustainability requirements included in all staff personal objectives and training programmes. Throughout this report our staff have commented on how the BLL strategy is relevant to their roles.

Principal risks and uncertainties

Our BLL strategy risk profile has not changed during 2020 and is not expected to change significantly during 2021 either. This is despite the challenges of the planning system and the recent introduction of the new London Plan (March 2021) and the FHS (June 2021). This position is substantiated through our strong record on management of corporate and project risks as set out in our BLL Principal Risks and Uncertainties Register.