Using our expertise to develop in other UK cities and towns where rental demand is strong.

Historically, our core geographic focus has been Greater London, delivering a high quality product throughout Zones 2-6. We develop near local transport connections and where the local rental market supports viable BtR development.

We expect the majority of our pipeline will continue to be delivered within Greater London locations; we will continue to procure high quality sites, typically matching the following characteristics:

  • No limit on site capacity from 200 homes upwards
  • Close to reliable and regular public transport facilities
  • Strong local amenity offering
  • Within close proximity of parks and other green spaces
  • Particular focus on areas with strong short to mid-term regeneration credentials
  • A proven demand for high quality, ‘mainstream’ rental housing

As the BtR market has grown, so too has demand for high quality rental homes and that is not confined to London. We are seeing an increasing number of opportunities to help meet that rental demand in other cities and towns across the UK and we expect to use our knowledge and expertise to successfully develop in some of those locations. BtR ensures a better rental experience for prospective tenants with a strong amenity offering, a professional management experience and the ability to create a sense of community both within the building and the wider local area. London will remain our home but we are committed to strategic geographic expansion over the coming years.