Telford Homes’ fully-integrated development platform ensures control, and de-risks the whole development process, from sourcing excellently located land opportunities, securing planning consents and ensuring the delivery of consistently high quality and well designed product.




Buying the right land in the right locations across London

  • An average of 9 strategically targeted bids per quarter from 2018
  • Agile and swift approval process supporting fast paced contractual commitment
  • Excellent networks across a wide array of land owners and agents
  • Member of the LDP2 (London Development Panel), expected to provide a consistent stream of deliverable land opportunities


In-House Delivery Functions

  • Creating outstanding, risk mitigated BtR opportunities
  • Commitment to creating longterm, fruitful partnerships
  • Enabling alignment of interests between investor and developer
  • Secure credit and strong balance sheet supported by CBRE Group


Using our knowledge to work with partners and optimise policy compliant schemes

  • Strong stakeholder relations within local authorities across London, the GLA and other public bodies
  • Excellent collaboration with architectural practices, planning consultancies and other expert disciplines required to support planning applications
  • High success rate on obtaining planning permissions on complex sites


Developments that reflect occupier demand, enhance communities and meet the needs of our partners

  • In-house, experienced BtR design team
  • Focus on delivering best-in-class BtR product, maximising net operating income for our partners
  • Attention to detail around back of house, staff welfare and amenity provision
  • Continual awareness and responsiveness to changing tenant, investor and regulatory requirements


Controlling the process with in-house expertise to deliver a quality product on programme

  • Experience of multiple complex construction sites and all aspects of low/high rise brownfield development
  • Telford Homes is the main contractor on all projects to control quality and costs
  • Excellent supply chain relationships with access to labour and competitive tender processes


Detailed business plan produced for fully integrated in-house operating business

  • Ensuring consistent quality through integrated design, delivery, construction and management provision
  • Providing a seamless transitionary service before, at and beyond practical completion
  • Rapid response rates for snagging and defects issues
  • Focus on revenue management and maximising net operating income