Building a living legacy at telford homes


At Telford Homes we are committed to sustainable development and placemaking, as well as our ambition to deliver high-quality Build to Rent developments that exceed the expectations of our residents, communities and investment partners.

Our vision is to be a Leader in Living in the UK. Our expertise, sector knowledge and focus on sustainability is the combination that really sets us apart. We help to enhance communities by revitalising regeneration areas and implementing comprehensive community engagement strategies. Sustainability, longevity, passion and value are woven into every aspect of our business – into our practices, materials and processes. Our focus on sustainable building and living is called Building a Living Legacy (BLL) and in 2021 we were one of the first developers in the UK to commit to becoming a net zero carbon developer by 2030.

Our BLL strategy sets out a commitment to economic, social and environmentally responsible development, creating places that stand the test of time and that make a positive long-term contribution to the built environment. In order to ensure our strategy remains future proofed we continue to consider changes to national policy, consult upon regulatory matters and participate in stakeholder groups.

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Many aspects of housing delivery are ripe for disruption and over the next decade we will see major changes in the whole process, which I believe will be transformational for the Living Sector. Being serious about sustainability is essential for a well-functioning and healthy society and in future the smart capital will only follow sustainable assets. At Telford homes we are excited to participate and contribute to shaping and improving future housing delivery to benefit society.

Anne Kavanagh, CEO



Our Building a Living Legacy strategy is built on four key pillars: Living Legacy; Balanced Resources; Creative Building Solutions; and Smart Business.


Living legacy

Balanced resources

Creative building solutions

Smart business




Living Legacy


Creating thriving places that enable people to live sustainable lifestyles.


The key themes are:

  • Strengthening communities
  • Encouraging sustainable lifestyles
  • Designing great places for living 
Balanced Resources


Making our money work harden through efficient use of resources across our business.


The key themes are:

  • Net zero carbon
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Minimise water consumption
Creative Building Solutions

Collaborating with our partners to identify innovative building techniques and deliver the homes of the future.


The key themes are:

  • Enhancing fabric energy efficiency
  • Integrating renewable energy
  • Contributing to the circular economy
  • Lowering embodied carbon
Smart Business

Investing in people and relationships to ensure we deliver lasting value for all stakeholders.


The key themes are:

  • Empowering employees
  • Ensuring good governance
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Looking after our people