Balanced resources


Across our projects we employ ESG smart dashboards to help us manage and reduce our impacts. It’s pleasing to see consistent year-on- year Considerate Constructor Scheme improvements! Looking ahead, we aim to improve our social value offer by employing more local labour and apprentices.

Mark Baxter,, Associate Construction Director, BLL Champion

Through our Balances Resources pillar, leading up to COP26, and since, we have continued to progress our net zero targets towards our 2030 objectives. Through this advancement, it is clear to see the complexity of the challenges ahead and the importance of both cross-sector collaboration and disclosure compared with credible industry indices. 

In June 2021, the Government and the industry published its FHS Roadmap, whereby from 2025 new homes will be zero carbon ready. In December, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) announced that the FHS is to be renamed as the Future Homes and Buildings Standard (FHBS), and its scope will be increased to include complementary Building Regulations amendments and new Approved Documents. 

Our 2030 journey and the introduction of the new London Plan (March 2021) has helped us prepare for these principal changes. However, we will need to work through the detail and develop our evolving FHBS solutions. The FHBS lead-in times will enable Telford Homes and our value chain to learn, share knowledge and collaborate on innovation and risk management. Reassuringly, these interim steps will aid reciprocal learnings and risk-sharing with our investors, who are increasingly setting 2030 ambitions. By way of example, our new planning applications are already targeting a circa 55 per cent reduction in regulated CO2, compared with the FHBS circa 75 per cent reduction requirement. Our investors support these future-proofing approaches – visit our FHBS journey here. 

Read our 2022 Sustainability Report for more information on SBT, TCFD and our CPD application. 


Over the last five reporting periods, we have seen improvements in our intensity target metrics, including for CO2, energy, waste and water, and compared with regulations and industry benchmarks. We achieved 92 per cent of the objectives that we set in 2021 to: reduce energy, GHG emissions (through embodied CO2 and WLC assessments) and waste (Circular Economy statement/s); increase procurement of sustainable materials certified to BES6001 and the Forest Stewardship Council; and align our procurement policies with BLL objectives. 

We continue to procure green electricity by purchasing Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates for our offices and all but one of our sites. During 2021, we connected all new sites to the grid and ensure we have compliant Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) on site, and our use of red diesel is decreasing rapidly. Our existing car fleet is being moved to electric and hybrid solutions and during 2022 there will be no diesel/petrol options. Each transitional workstream is reducing GHG, reducing costs and notably improving local air quality. 



  • Health and safety

  • Company culture

  • Reputation

  • Human rights and labour conditions

  • Regulation and compliance

  • Bribery and corruption

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


During the planning process, we are progressively recalibrating the embodied carbon footprint of our projects, across both regulated and non-regulated CO2. We are on target to meet our 2030 roadmap objectives, specifically to reduce our embodied carbon footprint below 500kgCO2e/m2.

Rocio Sanchez, Pre-Construction Director, BLL Champion

City North

The Business Design Centre Group and Telford Homes’ joint venture vision for City North is to create transformational placemaking to maximise local economic and community benefits.

The scheme is the most significant mixed-use development in Finsbury Park for a generation. It is delivering 355 new mixed-tenure homes, a new Finsbury Park underground station infrastructure, accessible public realms and extensive leisure amenities, for respected brands and local SME businesses. 

Our five year legacy review demonstrates the transformational benefits of the scheme, with 96 per cent of residents according to HomeViews saying they would ‘Recommend the Developer’. 

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