In a joint venture with Poplar HARCA and London Newcastle, Telford Homes is collaborating with Studio Egret West and Ab Rogers Design to comprehensively and sensitively restore, this Grade 2 listed residential landmark.

To enable this vision, 10 principles were employed: to reconnect and restate the public realm; humanise the entrance sequences; green the public areas; reconfigure the circulation cores; rediscover the community facilities (including communal play, games and hobby rooms); exploit the roof (gardens); resolve the building streets (access decks), provide 21st century living in a 20th century icon and upgrade the building fabric.

This heritage-led regeneration will bring positive socio-economic and environmental benefits to its neighbourhood, promote wellbeing for residents and reduce localised noise and air pollution. Whilst these responses are solutions to problems created in the 1960s – it is imperative that the homes and places that we create today learn from the past, and we create homes for all that nurture a sense of community. Crucially, Balfron Tower is now also making a valuable contribution to the CE principles whilst securing the long-term viable future of this heritage asset.