Partnerships with providers of affordable housing have been an important factor in our success since the Company’s inception in 2000.  Telford Homes has developed long-term partnership relationships with the key Registered Providers (RP) in London, which now also includes working with for-profit RPs. Each partnership is based on trust and features an open book approach to project development that delivers high quality affordable housing.

We are a proven, award winning developer, with experience of working with RP partners in a substantially under-supplied market. The Group is fully integrated and provides significant in-house expertise which means we can control and de-risk the whole development process.

We are one of London’s most prolific developers in the subsidised affordable housing sector with:

  • An established land buying track record
  • Proven ability to deliver planning consents
  • Considerable experience of designing and constructing affordable homes specifically for RPs
  • Experience of delivering traditional affordable housing products and now leading the roll out of Discounted Market Rent (DMR) on appropriate sites

Telford Homes is highly experienced in creating subsidised affordable housing in London due to our:

  • Ability to identify a high volume of land opportunities
  • Strong relationships with local authorities across London, the GLA and other public bodies
  • Delivery of competitively priced projects on time
  • Experience of multiple complex construction sites and all aspects of low to high rise brownfield development
  • Successful partnerships, including joint ventures, with RPs such as: Notting Hill Genesis; L&Q and Poplar HARCA
  • Understanding that RPs are the long-term asset holder. We therefore design and build the affordable homes with that in mind
  • Strong focus on quality and customer service through our dedicated team
  • We have an 89% recommended developer rate attributed by HomeViews 

Ideally placed in the sector

We are highly skilled in creating integrated developments in London with a wide range of tenures and uses. Telford Homes is ideally placed to create affordable housing opportunities for our RP partners, primarily through planning agreements, Build to Rent housing, estate regeneration, mixed-use schemes and joint ventures.

We are members of the GLA's London Development Panel 2 which is expected to provide a consistent stream of deliverable land opportunities.

Our RP Partners

We work with our RP partners based on their track record of delivery, experience, scheme capacity, commercial assertiveness, commitment to the specific project and profile in the local area.

We want to work with RPs who are committed to partnering with us on projects from their inception. This enables us to design the affordable housing provisions to meet our partner’s specific needs and which also address local affordability criteria.

Telford Homes have been a valued partner in South Kilburn since starting on Gloucester and Durham in 2017. The project is a great example of the high quality housing we strive for in Brent. We are very pleased with the completed project and are delighted to see residents enjoying their new homes.

‘The construction project was well managed, Telford Homes have succeeded in causing close neighbours little disruption. Residents have been supportive of continuing the regeneration thanks in part to the support from Telford Homes and the fantastic development residents could see being built.

Emma Sweeny, Head of Estate Regeneration at London Borough of Brent Council