Telford Homes Staff Raise Over £5,000 for Community Projects in Hackney and Poplar as Part of ‘Budding Manager’ Scheme

June 13th, London - Staff from Telford Homes have come together to raise over £5,000 in an incredible effort to support community projects in Poplar and Hackney - two areas the house builder has established successful regeneration and community cohesion projects.

As part of a the ‘Budding Manager’ training programme, Telford Homes staff supported community projects in local areas surrounding its Stone Studios and Chrisp Street developments. The Budding Manager programme is one of the Leadership Development programmes offered at Telford Homes.

Two community projects were completed in this final phase of the programme: The ‘Telford Gnomes’ helped to fund and build a path to make a community garden in Hackney accessible to all members of the neighbourhood, whilst the ‘Poplar Foodies’ helped to fund and deliver food packages to vulnerable people in the community.

The Telford Gnomes charity partner of choice was Eco Active. The Budding Managers spent the day collecting resources, building a pergola, and laying down a new pathway that leads to the planting areas of a community garden in Hackney. The pathway will be vital in making an important community meeting point accessible to more people.

The Poplar Foodies arranged charity raffles in order to fund a large delivery of food to Neighbours in Poplar - a charity which has delivered 24,000 hot meals to people in Poplar. The team spent the day packaging, and hand-delivering meals to people in a community.

Lisa Spooner, Telford Homes, Sales and Treasury Manager, and member of the Telford Gnomes team said: “I’ve learnt so much through the Budding Manager Project. It’s taught me how everyone at Telford Homes has a part to play and completing this project has allowed me to put the skills I’ve gained to practice and shown me what great teamwork can achieve”.

The fundraising efforts come as the staff complete their ‘Budding Manager’ programme, designed to help staff from all over the business make an impact within and beyond their practice. The ‘Budding Manager’ programme has inspired and empowered Telford Homes staff to make a positive impact on local communities, in line with the home builder’s Building a Living Legacy strategy, marking its commitment to economic, social and environmentally responsible development and making places that have a long-term impact.

Hamit Yildrim, Telford Homes, Senior Surveyor, and member of the Poplar Foodies Budding Manager team said: “The whole project was completely heart-warming. We were greeted with smiles and waves as we delivered food packages to the community. The charity doesn’t receive any funding so they were really grateful for our financial and practical support. Telford Homes is doing great work, transforming the area into a vibrant, mixed-use community space, so it was great to get to know some of the community, and understand the soul and character that is so integral to this”.

Together, the teams have raised £5,500 for these worthy projects. To donate to EcoActive or Neighbours in Poplar, follow the Go Fund Me links:


Neighbours in Poplar: