22 February 2021

Mental Health & Wellbeing at Telford Homes – Time to Check in Campaign

February 4th, 2021 was Time to Talk day and the Telford Homes Health & Wellbeing Team ran a ‘Time to Check in’ weeklong campaign, encouraging employees to call a colleague for a non-work related catch up.

COVID-19 has changed our ‘normal’ ways of working, and despite the digital age we have become more isolated. For site teams, being an essential worker, continuing to go to site each day and adjusting rapidly to new procedures can cause a huge amount of stress. At Telford Homes the welfare of our employees is of upmost importance.

We are pleased to say that the campaign was a success and everyone across the business took part!

Our dedicated Health and Wellbeing First Aiders also wore their orange t-shirts to Zoom meetings as a reminder to staff that they are on hand to help if you they aren’t feeling themselves and need some support.

This campaign was part of a company-wide focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing within Telford Homes and how we can support all of our staff during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, with planning for Mental Health Week already taking place and recruitment of new Mental Health First Aiders underway. We are really proud of our teams for taking the time to help others!

We are looking forward to continuing with the campaign this year.