21th October 2021

The journey to Net Zero with Telford Homes



Telford Homes’ Sustainability Director, Andrew Day, appeared on the Luminous Spotlight Podcast, to discuss the business’s journey to Net Zero.

Throughout the fascinating discussion, Andrew highlighted how a focus on principles of visibility, accountability, collaboration and authenticity are helping us to deliver against our Building a Living Legacy sustainability strategy and guiding our journey to become a net zero carbon business by 2030.

Here, we have summarised some of the key outtakes of the discussion. To listen to the full podcast, visit https://soundcloud.com/luminous-spotlight-pod/the-journey-to-net-zero-with-telford-homes

Visibility and accountability:

Setting clear targets that are easy to understand and regularly reported against is a key part of our sustainability strategy. One of the core challenges facing businesses across the sector is the relative uncertainty around the sustainability agenda.

At Telford Homes, we have taken proactive steps to simplify and define our sustainability goals - and lay them out as actionable targets within our 2030 roadmap. To that end, we have incorporated science-based targets within our roadmap - helping to provide transparent and credible interim milestones in our 2030 aspirations, rather than arbitrary carbon reduction targets. Providing clearly defined reporting boundaries not only provides clarity, but also helps us to prepare and future proof our business for upcoming government policies such as the National Future Homes Standard.

Having clear and visible objectives to work towards, and measuring ourselves annually against these, is an important step in our strategy to reach our 2030 goal; helping to drive positive accountability and business transformation.


Collaboration is another key principle to delivering against our sustainability strategy. Whilst we are responsible for delivering against our 2030 roadmap, we recognise that its successful execution is wholly reliant upon working with hundreds of organisations across the industry - from clients and other developers to local authorities and third-party regulators - to achieve our targets.


Throughout all of our work, we aim to be responsible and authentic - and this includes openly communicating our plans, targets, successes and areas for improvement. We believe that telling our story gives us a much better chance of dealing with the climate emergency. After all, failure to deliver upon our public commitments would negatively impact our reputation and license to operate. This is why we actively welcome third party testimony and endorsement and conduct independently verified sustainability disclosure and reporting against sectoral indices such as BREEAM.

What’s more, we strive to ensure our sustainability goals and ambitions are embedded across all layers of our organisation. Specific stakeholder tailored information is shared at the start of every new project and used throughout its lifecycle. We also communicate regularly with employees, via programmes such as e-learning and our Building a Living Legacy champions. Our internal communications aim to remove the jargon and make our strategy pillars business relevant, to engage our people around common goals.